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Curriculum Day Learning

Last Friday, the teachers spent the day reflecting, reading, talking and challenging each other, to improve the Teaching and Learning at West.

Prior to the Curriculum day, I interviewed many students about a variety of strategies teachers use when delivering a lesson. The interviews were all recorded and shown at the Curriculum Day. Teachers listened to the children and took their advice very seriously. That same week, teachers also spent time in all classrooms throughout the school, interviewing students and gathering data about the student’s understanding.
We know that “Great Teachers are firstly, Great Learners”, and Friday’s curriculum day, provided yet another opportunity for teachers to learn and bring further clarity to our teaching.

Advice regarding the Coronavirus

Advice regarding the Coronavirus

The Education Department has advised Principals to provide the information included in this newsletter. As you can see, it is relating to travel advice.
The Commonwealth Government has updated travel restrictions this week.
The extension to existing travel restrictions now applies to visitors from Republic of Korea, Iran and mainland China. Visitors who are not Australian citizens or permanent residents, or their dependants, will not be allowed entry into Australia.
The Commonwealth Government has also advised that visitors from Italy will also be subject to enhanced health screening and temperature testing arrangements.
Some of our students and families may be affected by the travel advice, and I’d encourage you to support each other.
Everyone can protect against infections by practising good hand and respiratory hygiene.
Here are some tips that we all can follow:
1. Cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing with a tissue, or cough into your elbow.
2. Dispose of the tissue into a bin and then wash your hands afterwards.
3. Wash your hands regularly using soap and water, including after using the toilet, and before eating.
Please refer to the Department’s coronavirus web page for the latest advice and information.

Mildura West Podcast – ‘Way Out West’ - Episode 12

Mildura West Grade 6 students have published their first podcast for 2020. We hope you have a listen and subscribe to all our episodes. You can find us on iTunes, Spotify or Google podcasts – just search for “Mildura West”!

Or you can find us here too:

Our Environmentally Friendly Canteen

Our Environmentally Friendly Canteen

As well as our new menu, we have also changed our packaging. Everything that now comes out of the canteen is either recyclable or completely compostable on site.
We are building a composting area near our chicken yard and all our lunch order packaging will be placed in this area.
We are heading towards lowering our carbon footprint and we have the initiative of our Wonderful West Kids to thank. They asked and we have made it happen.
Our bio packaging includes the following:
• Paper straws
• Bamboo cutlery
• Paper bags including all order bags, hot dog
bags, sandwich bags and nuggets.
• Our pasta, rice, snack pack and corn chips
containers are all made from sugar cane



MWPS Being Healthy Together

To celebrate Ride to School Day on Friday 13th March we will have our first Walking Bus for the year. Everyone is welcome: walkers, bikes, trikes, scooters and even prams. The bus will leave from the car park at Mansell Reserve at 8:25am. We will travel along Ontario Avenue, then turn into Ninth Street and make our way to school. Mr Hall will be accompanying the walking school bus. Any parents/carers or siblings wanting to walk with us are most welcome.