Student Wellbeing

At West, we care for the “whole child” because children are better able to learn when they are healthy, safe and happy. We nurture each child’s social and emotional development as well as their academic growth, because they are all intricately woven together. 

All school staff promote and model positive behaviours, values and inclusivity which improves teacher-student relationships and builds a connected and safe school community. 

Mildura West Primary School employs two part-time Wellbeing Officers, Annie Villiva and Tafeuni Moala. The Wellbeing Center is located next to the gym.

Their role involves:

  • supporting small groups of children with specific needs.
  • assisting individual students with personal and school problems.
  • holding discussions with parents who are worried about their child.
  • organising outside agencies to help families when necessary.
  • talking to and working with staff when a student is upset.

Your child’s wellbeing is paramount to us. Children cannot achieve good academic results if they are unhappy or unhealthy. It is important to address issues as early and efficiently as possible. Annie and Tafeuni are available to chat to you over the phone or in person.