YOU are the most significant influence on your child’s learning and your continual participation is very important.

It is well known that students with interested and involved parents do better at school. Parents are encouraged to participate in a wide range of school activities. This may be working in your child’s classroom, assisting your child with school activities at home or becoming involved in a range of special events and activities.

Parents working with children need to have a Working with Children Check. Apply for a WWC online at
These are some of the ways you may be involved in your child’s learning.

  • Helping in the classroom
  • Excursions
  • Attending “special days and activities.”
  • Pop into your child’s classroom – you are always welcome!
  • Have regular communication with your child’s teacher.
  • Become a School Council member.
  • Getting involved in the Environmental Area
  • Helping at working bees.
  • Helping classes to prepare for special events such as the school concert or
  • art show.
  • Supporting community events by attending picnics and organised
  • functions.
  • Breakfast Club