Taking Care of our Environment

Mildura West Primary School has made a conscious effort in recent years to include Student Voice when it comes to matters of the environment.

Elected Environmental Leaders meet regularly to monitor current environmental initiatives and to brainstorm new ways to protect our precious resources.

Some of the initiatives which focus on the preservation of our environment are:

  • Rubbish-free snack and lunches! We encourage families to reduce waste as much as possible by packing food in reusable containers.
  • Food scraps are collected in specially marked buckets each day and fed to our three chooks (Nugget, Penny and Ollie)
  • Regular Walking School Bus program to promote exercise and reduce carbon footprints left by vehicles.
  • Three-bin system in each classroom – Rubbish, Recycling and Scrap- paper.
  • Collection of ‘scrunchable’ plastics for recycling.
  • Creation of a new, workable compost area.
  • A large environmental area next to the gym, with chickens!