Assessment & Reporting

At Mildura West Primary School assessment and reporting includes the following elements, please see below the image for an explanation of these elements.  

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1.     C.A.T.s (Common Assessment Tasks)

  • Reporting throughout the year 
  • Online for parents to access easily
  • Assessment tasks that have been created by the teacher across a range of subject areas
  • Will have a comment, rubric or checklist about your child’s learning.
  • Designed to assess student abilities against the Victorian Curriculum
  • Available for you to view now 
  • Accessible through Compass
  • Compass App  - available from iTunes or Google Play

2.    Ongoing teacher assessment

  • Teachers assess student learning formally and informally, in all curriculum areas, every day of the year. This is an essential part of the teacher’s role.
  • Teachers use this assessment to plan the teaching

3.    Students set formal Learning Goals Grades P-6

  • Students are formally taught to reflect on their learning and set Learning Goals 
  • Goals are shared with parents/carers
  • Teachers guide and negotiate with the student in the selection of Learning Goals

4.    Self-Assessment

  • Students constantly assess their performance against criteria created by teachers and students.

5.    Ongoing conversations – Teacher/Parent/Student

  • Parents/carers and teachers are encouraged to talk about the student’s learning at any time, throughout the year

6.    Parents /Carers/Teachers/Student Meetings

Beginning of Year Meeting

  • Parents/carers tell teachers about their child.
  • Learning Goals are set- Grades 1-6 (Based on Goals from previous year).

Mid-Year Three-Way Conference 

  • Students, parents/carers and teachers discuss student’s learning. 
  • Students share their learning, reflecting on goals and setting future goals.

7.    Reports x2

  • Are sent home at mid-year and end of year