MWPS Important Dates

16th & 17th May - Parent Pop-in (9.15am - 1.15pm)

22nd May - Cyber Safety Evening Grades 3-6 (6pm in Library)

23rd May - Prep 2024 Parents and Students Learning Night (5.30pm - 7.30pm)

24th May - NO OOSH Program 

28th May - Reginal Cross Country

31st May - Prep Share and Connect - Grandparents Day

10th June - King's Birthday Public Holiday (no school)

12th June - Pupil Free Day

27th June - Three Way Conference (8.30am - 7.30pm)

*Students and their parents/carers ONLY come to their conference - there is not school for the remainder of the day




31/5 - Prep

14/6 - 1B

28/6 - SRC





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