Reckless disposal of rubbish

People are disposing rubbish in peoples driveways! Has no one any care for the environment anymore?! This is not only illegal dumping but it is an inappropriate way to get a fine/sent to the big house/gaol!

Illegal dumping has many meanings:

1. Dumping illegally in other peoples’ rubbish bins.

2. Forgetting to put the rubbish out and taking the rubbish and dumping it in an area such as Lake Ranfurly or Johnson’s Bend.



Rubbish at West

Here at Mildura West we are trying our hardest to not get our Recycling bins contaminated. We probably are thinking the kids putting rubbish in the bins  are the younger students but it is also the older kids that should know better! Miss Hudswell, Miss  Vorwerk and I are trying really hard to have no rubbish in the bins so we don’t have to pay $200 dollars per BIN.

Here is a short list of what we find in the bins,

  1.  chip packets
  2. food
  3. full fruit box
  4. hot dogs
  5. drinks
  6. and lots more gross stuff

Here are some pictures to show you what we do and what the kids do to prevent the bins from being contaminated.

IMG_3382This is a good bin. We have put a piece of cardboard in the top and this helps us to check the contamination. If there is nothing contaminating the bin then we put the cardboard on the top again.





This is a bad bin contaminated with rubbish!

IMG_3385That is another bad recycling bin.


If you don’t know what bin it goes in put it in the rubbish bin!.

IMG_3387The red stands for 200 dollars that’s how much it costs per bin so if they were all with rubbish in them we would be up to about $1000!

IMG_1616 I think if the public doesn’t know what to do they should learn or put it in their rubbish bin not go and dump it on someone’s property.

IMG_3431We have recycling skips here at school and if they get rubbish in them it can cost 500 dollars.




Discovering the Etiwanda Wetlands!

The Etiwanda Wetlands are constructed rather than natural, in other words they are man-made. The drains from Etiwanda Avenue and San Mateo Avenue enter the Wetlands through a gross pollutant trap. [GPT]. An amazing filtering process occurs for the water to be cleaned and returned to the Murray River. Thank you to Bonnie from MRCC for a very informative excursion!

DSC06635 DSC06643 DSC06656 DSC06648 DSC06655 DSC06666 DSC06672


Posters with symbolism!



Messy Neighbours

My Neighbours are terrible at recycling! Scratch that they are terrible at putting things in the bin!?? Nearly every day my family pick up something new and put it in the bin!?? It could be a shapes packet, chip packet, sandwich and once I think we found a plastic bottle or something?? It’s easy to recycle?? I watched a video about a prep who could recycle so I think year 4s and 5s can right??

Feedback to my Neighbours maybe have an outside bin so you can throw your rubbish in the bin outside if you can’t be bothered to actually go inside and put your rubbish in the bin??


Check out the Water Week Posters from 4/5K

DSC06504 DSC06569ATLANTA MEMERY  Jasmine (1)I wonder what the stories are behind these Water Week posters? What inspired your poster?



Water week!

My water week poster is not to litter in rivers there should be bins there and to help animals .

People should do the right things they should put rubbish in the bin and recycle. They should feel bad if they do not do the right thing!


Cockle Shell

DSC06534The Cockle Shell,also known as the Midden Shell is an occupation site where Aboriginal people left the remains of their meals. At some sites deposits grew over generations of use of the same area after many years. Midden Shells are leftovers from some shellfish,bones,birds,fish and land and river animals used for food. Over the years the erosion of the sand makes the shells visible.

“On the 31st of August 2017 my class and I travelled down to Lake Ranfurly and I found a Midden Shell. I didn’t know what it was or what was it called, so I decided to research it and I was curious and now I know all about it.It is also a coincidence because this week in NAIDOC week.”IMG_3552


The shiny tiles

Last Thursday we went down to the Lake Ranfurly. We found these interesting shiny tiles stuck in the ground. There were other things like rocks and cool concrete. The real reason we went down was to plant seeds and make the area better.


Rubbish or gold?

IMG_1852Cha-Ching! People could have money in their pockets and a clean planet if they recycled. While 5P was down at Lake Ranfurly they found heaps of rubbish that could have been recycled from old jewellery boxes to car filters they found everything. Not only is recycling helping but dumping rubbish at the lake could cost you more than room in the bin. Beer caps and cans where a common sight at the lake which was really bad considering that someone or something could get seriously hurt or injured. Smashed beer bottles also pose a threat to people and animals because of how sharp they are and hard to spot because glass is mostly transparent.


Dismantling the jump!


Shovels penetrating the rough ground pulling the dirt out of its place. We worked together making the jump a keep out zone to help revegetate the area. We planted some new seeds to stop people riding motor bikes or bikes up and down the slope.


5P helps Lake Ranfurly become a better place.

Raking the sand, plainting seeds, helping each other,digging everywhere, finding interesting things. On the 31st of August 5P went on an amazing trip to Lake Ranfurly. We were planting seeds  to block the roads that people made without permission. Firstly we put in special dirt to in a bucket with a bunch of indigenous seeds then we raked sand and then planted the seeds and then we raked over the seeds again.


Our exciting trip to Lake Ranfurly.

On the 31/8 /17 we went to Lake Ranfurly we planted seeds and my partners and I found what seemed to be a jewllery box. We used a rake,a bucket and gloves for protection. It was a lot of fun! Well done everybody that went I hope you like my post.


Plant trees nice for the world!

We dispersed native seeds. This is how we did it! We wear gloves for planting trees, we plant trees for blocking the tracks at Lake Ranfurly. There are different seeds for planting the trees:  Acacia, River Red Gum and, Black box. We found some midden shells and we enjoyed  planting the seeds.


5P best trip!

At Lake Ranfurly, we had to get gloves , buckets, a shovel, native seeds and dirt  and then mix them together. Then we had to go and find a bald patch of ground to plant the seeds then cover them with dirt. And then go and do some more.